On any given day, there are stories on the CTA.

Plenty of stories.

Merely sitting on the bus for my normal Halsted/Broadway to Halsted/Willow trip to work on the number 8 bus gives me plenty of ammunition for the day. And if I have to take more than one bus or train in a day? The stories could be endless.

So what on these forms of transportation do I like, and what do I hate? Ohhhhhh the list could go on and on, but lets see……

Lets start out with what I like:

-The people watching. I mean, there are so many people going so many different places. Chicago is great because your income doesn’t keep you from the public transportation. I would venture to guess there are plenty of folks on the bus or train making six figures just as there are normal students and homeless people as well. Just to see the different people talking and interacting just makes the rides worth it.

-Seeing different parts of the city. Personally, I have not been to every stop on the “el” and I made it a goal of my “bucket list” for while I live in Chicago to get to each and every stop. Chicago varies, from Evanston, the purple line and the quiet suburban neighborhoods all the way down to 95th on the red line. And you can’t forget everything in between. Who knows, you may have to get off at a particular stop one day and voila! Your favorite restaurant was there and you never knew until just then.

But what do I hate? Oh I could go on for days with this. I’ll limit it to this one major pet peeve:

-The bums/beggars. My goodness, the homeless and begging in Chicago are some of the most innovative and creative I have ever seen! And that includes living in New York, Atlanta, and Miami. Generally speaking, when I am on the train, I have my headphones on and this is for a few reasons. One, I like listening to music and having some me time. Working in retail and having to cater to other folk’s needs all day does that to you. But the few times I’m on the train sans headphones, this is what I will for sure hear:

“Sorry to interrupt you folks, but I just got outta jail and I’m tryin’ to get my life back together. If anyone has some spare change or a job for me, please help me out. God bless you.”

I respect the grind of anyone who is trying to better their life…. But not at the expense of me trying to have a peaceful train ride. You need a job, Craigslist is actually more reputable than you think. Use that. Not my 10 minute train ride.

PS- I would say that picture at the top of this post is something I don’t like, but that would be a lie. That’s pretty damn funny and thus very photo-worthy.


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