Everybody sees them when you get on the train or bus. The seats with the white handicap signs. The bus gives written and oral instructions by the robotic voice. It essentially says that the seats are for the elderly, expected mothers and…. wait for it…. HANDICAPPED PEOPLE. You can be young and handicapped, I was twice when I was younger due to surgery on both of my ankles. But what I must say absolutely pisses me off the most, more than anything I can imagine on the Chicago Transportation Authority, is the people who have the nerve, the gall, the AUDACITY, to sit in those seats when any of the three people who actually qualify for those seats are on the train!

Listen, if there is no one else on the bus or train that looks like they need and it is readily available to sit in, I will sit! But But the moment someone gets on the bus that needs , I get up! And all other able-bodied, non-handicapped, non parents and non elderly need to do the same!The worst to me is seeing the folks watch the elderly and all of them walk past them when they know they should be getting up. Proper etiquette says not to start screaming at anyone, especially someone you don’t know, on the  train. I might just have to break that rule for a quick second if I see someone do that again.

Now, I’m not a perfect CTA passenger and I know this. I listen to my music with my Beats by Dre Headphones turned ALL the way up. If I am that hungry, I may eat. My bookbag might ACCIDENTALLY hit you. But none of those are against the rules (except the food one, but I rarely do that so it doesn’t count). But I will ALWAYS get up, long as I have the power to, for those who truly need those seats.


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