For this post, I decided to dig into one of my favorite apps on my Evo: Foursquare. For anyone unfamiliar with the app, it lets you check into places and get points for it and sometimes the places have sales and specials you can only get by checking in on Foursquare. For anyone who is familiar with the app, it has a “Most Explored Categories” section which groups the top five “genres” of places that you check in at. What’s at the top of mine? Well train stations of course! I’m going to take the top few and give you a special rundown on why I’m always there and why they hold a special place in my heart (and my phone).

When I first joined Foursquare, I didn’t check in here very much. Then again, it was the summer. Being the graduate student at DePaul that I am, it is only natural that I am here a lot, correct? Well some would look at the fact that my classes are actually all down in the Loop and say no. But, as you will see in a little bit, I live further north of Lincoln Park in Lakeview. Getting to class isn’t a hassle, but going down to the Loop just to study seems a bit fruitless to me. The Lincoln Park campus just has easier access. Plus, there are plenty of games I go to and cover, more of the campus school events are on this campus, and there is a sub shop home to one of my favorite subs in Chicago about a mile away from the stop (Uncle Sammy’s, go there and order the Pilgrim… thank me later)

2) Sheridan:

There is nothing overly special about this stop to me, except for one thing: it’s the closest one within walking distance to my apartment. Few decent restaurants, and a GameStop on my way home. Nothing crazy though. I used to live in between Addison and Sheridan, which would have made this a cooler one to write about. Now, it’s just ehhhh. And most of the time I’d rather take the Halsted bus.


Nothing crazy here either, just where I get off to go to work. Sometimes go to the Apple Store, Best Buy, or Joe’s on Weed Street. But mostly work.

4) Chicago (red line)

Chick-fil-A is here. That’s really all that needs to be said for me. There’s the Magnificent Mile and the Water Tower and all that good stuff but… Chick-fil-A. Best fast food restaurant ever. Not up for debate. At all. If you are new to this blog and have never been there… You need to go. Yesterday.

There are plenty more to talk about, but I really only have one more suggestion. Never EVER, get off at the Wilson stop, for any reason.


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