The past weekend was a terrible weekend for me.  I read from the news that my first love died from suicide about three week ago.  He threw himself down to the ground from his apartment building.

I was shocked.  He was only 28 years old.  ONLY 28.

It was a little more than 10 years ago, when we first met.  Throughout the years, he had been greatly pursuing his dream–becoming a good actor.  He graduated with honor from the best acting school in China, had starred in the most popular TV series and was exposed internationally at Venice International Film Festival.

He seemed that he was having a perfect life.  But he had been suffering from depression for three years already.

I also once suffered from the depression for three years, when I was a teenager.  I thought of suicide, as I was so depressed that I couldn’t see a way out.  Eventually, I found my way out, with help from faimily, friends and psychologist.

However, depression is a serious mental disorder that is hitting very hard to our society.

We often hear from the news that people being suicidal by jumping to the train track.  It seems so common in a city that people suicide.

Photo courtesy of CBS News

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 90 percent of the people who died by suicide have depression and other mental disorder.

Suicide from mental disorder not only takes lives from the people who are suffering from them, also hurts families, friends and people who witness the suicide scene.

On August 16, 2010, A man jumped in front of the up-coming Green Line and died on the scene.  The train operator was sent to a hospital with mental “shock”, according to Fox News.


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