Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn wrote an article about a beggar punched a passenger, as the passenger tossed $2 to the beggar on the floor.  The passenger denied that he tossed the money to the floor.  Instead, he put the money on the seat and it fell to the floor.  His article Beggar chooses to retaliate is published on the Tribune web site.

The passenger was badly injured.  According to Zorn, he suffered a concussion, a laceration to the face that required 15 stitches and a hairline fracture to his ribs.”

Zorn said that the victim “didn’t deserve to be struck and injured.”  Despite the fact that the victim was badly hurts, he did make a “proactive display of contempt”.

I sympathize the victim.  However, if he did gave the money to the beggar in a disrespectful way, he needs to change the way he behaves, too.

Beggars need and also have dignity like any others.  They deserve to be respected.  A lot of times, I see polite beggars begging on the trains.  Some of them are disabled; some are ex-inmates and simply don’t want to commit crime again, so they become beggars; some lost jobs and houses, they just need money.

I agree with the fact that begging is better than doing crimes.  As long these people are not breaking the law, they deserve to be respected.


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