It has been dubbed “the worst stop on the el” some say it is the dirtiest and the most dangerous. The wilson stop, located on the corner of Wilson and Broadway has apparently been an eyesore for many years. so you know it came as a surprise to me when I was looking for apartments last year.  I was just happy to be close enough to get to the station in the cold, i didn’t even think to research the actual stop.

I knew when i got off  that it was a bit sketchy but i just assumed it came with living in a city, but it appears this stop has been the beacon of some problems over the years and its finally going to get the facelift it deserves.

CTA announced last month that it would be giving the wilson stop a 6 million dollar federal grant to update this dreary stop. The money will make it make it accessible with a new elevator in the station house, as well provide an exterior rehab and “street modifications,” according to a press release.

although the stop is getting this money it doesn’t impress the current commuters, I yelped the wilson stop and nearly all of the reviews were 4 thumbs all the way down.

My advice is simple if you have to get off on this stop and its late just walk VERY BRISKLY to your destination no matter where you are remember your in Chicago, it isn’t quite pleasntville.


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