Have you seen this redline passenger before?? If not when you do you better “THAY EXTHQUESME,” and he is not playing either!

It was really early in the morning on a typical workweek day, so you know every passenger was quiet. They were either reading their morning redeye, listening to some tunes, or sipping on a warm travel mug filled with a caffeinated beverage that would jumpstart their day.

Now its no surprise that it can get packed in during the morning rush hour and there is often pushing and shoving but this particular morning, one of the passengers wasn’t having it.

The gentleman in the picture was entering the train on Belmont and was bombarded with a rush of passengers, this upset him and he immediately began screaming, if your coffee hadn’t done it yet this man was sure to catch your attention. Because he now felt that every person on the train was an enemy he preceded to bombard everyone he encountered with curse words and babble. His eyes were wide with anger and he was ready for a confrontation.

Passengers were growing impatient with the man who yelled “THAY EXTHQUESME” to every new passenger that entered the car. It appeared that he didn’t care and wasn’t going to stop any time soon that is until he saw the POLICE. There were to uniformed policemen at the Chicago stop and he thought someone had called the cops on him so he sat down.

When it is this early in the morning there is an unwritten rule; BE QUIET!! I completely understand that the man was upset because hew was initially shoved but during rush hour this is inevitable and  as a commuter you have to be prepared. The man was so loud and it was even more noticeable because it was so quiet on the train.

Some passengers began making snide comments while others exchanged quizzical glances, what would you do if you were trapped on a morning train with this irate passenger?


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