The attached video shows an assault of an older man that occurred on the  CTA’s Red Line.  The assault happened at the Chicago Avenue stop on  Friday, November 11.  The video depicts a male mimicking an older  gentleman and then punching him in the face.  The attack appears unprovoked.  It is very disturbing to watch.  What makes the video even harder to watch is that the people around the assailant laughed and mimicked the older man getting punched.  They did not stop to check on the older man.  The assailant is shown getting on the train and as the train leaves the station another citizen approaches the older man lying unconscious on the floor.   The lack of remorse is chilling.

At first I was outraged that nobody stepped forward to help the older man, but now I realized it was probably the safest thing to do, waiting for the assailant and his friends to leave the scene.  Who knows how they would have reacted to somebody assisting the victim.  What does this say about our society that people find humor and sport in making fun of an absolute stranger and then punching them in the face and walking away.  I wonder how the assailant would feel if someone did that to someone he loved.  A reader posted in the reaction section at the bottom of the article that the area this occurred in is a gang area.  I do not know if this is true or not, but I will still think twice before I go anywhere near the Chicago Avenue station.,0,4638107.htmlstory


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