Living in Chicago without a vechicle, can be a challenege, at times.

Of course there is the lovely transportation, such as the bus and the train, but which one is better to take?

I spoke to a few students who live in my building and a lot of them said that when it doubt, they take the train.

“The train is just a lot faster,” said Matt Lee, a student from Colombia University, “You don’t have to stop at every stop like the bus does and it goes pretty fast during rush hours.”

Other students agreed with Lee, while others said that even though the train is faster, when you get off the stop, you may have to walk a few blocks to where you are trying to go.

“With the bus, you may have to stop many times, but for the most part, you can get dropped off right at your location,” said Christie Hall, a student from Robert Morris.

I do agree with both students about the transportation, and when I first moved to Chicago, I would google destinations (I still do) and sometimes it would tell me to take the train and the bus.

In my opinion, I think the train is a lot faster than the bus, and you are able to get to your destination a lot faster. Sometimes the bus will help you get there so I would just eliminate it just yet. Another pro about the train is that you can see a lot of funny and crazy things.


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