Chicago is one of the cities that has a pretty good public transportation system. Whether your riding the bus or El remember your manners and etiquette.

How not to behave on the train

  • Using profane language profusely. The kind of language you use tells people a lot about yourself. I was on the train recently there was a young boy sitting behind me. I would say he was 15-years-old. He was with a group of friends. Sitting directly across from him was a mother with her four children, around five to nine-years-old. The young boy was going off and dropping the “f bomb” right and left. The mother with her two children and other riders on the train were disgusted. This group was going on off about ten stops. The mother decided enough was enough and moved to another cart.
    Remember watch what you say when there are children.
  • Drinking alcohol
    If you want to drink go to the bar or drink at home. I don’t want to see you throwing up, being obnoxious, or stumbling around the train.
  • Smoking
    It’s rude and it stinks. Go outside and smoke. Not on the train.
  • Stand up for moms-to-be
  • Don’t push and shove people if the train or bus is full. Wait for the next train or bus.
  • Stop spitting
    What about when a rider spits on the bus floor? Spitting in public is bad enough. I hate having to dodge spit on the sidewalks and “L” stairs, but when someone actually spits on the bus floor right in front of people, that is a major slime ball!
  • Let all passengers exit before you enter. Also, make sure you don’t block their way as they try to leave the train.
  • When using the escalators, stand on the right side and leave the left side open for people who’re walking or running.


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