If you are in Chicago, you must know what trains are the busiest during the week.

Some trains have busy hours between 4-6pm M-F and they can have non stops.

The following trains are in order from busiest to not so busy a well as a few facts about the trains:

1. Red Line (Howard, State St.subway, Dan Ryan)

– Serving an average of 239,797 daily

-33 Station stops

-Operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

2. Blue Line (Ohare, Milwaukee-Dearborn Subway, Congress)

–  Serving an average of 158,197 daily

-33 Station stops

– Operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

3. Brown Line (Ravenswood Line)

– Serving 96,819 people daily

– 19 Station stops

4. Green Line (Lake Street and Englewood-Jackson Park)

– Serving an average of 64,141 daily

– 29 Station stops

5. Orange Line (Midway Line)

– Serving 52,978 passengers daily

6. Purple Line (Evanston shuttle & Evanston Express)

– Serving 9,983 passengers daily

– This line references Northwestern University

7. Pink Line (Douglas Branch and Paulina Connector)

– Serving 29,073 passengers daily

8. Yellow Line (Skokie Swift)

– Serving an average of 5, 111 daily

– The only L train that does not provide service to the loop


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