After asking a few people where they were going in my last post I was very intrigued to find out more about the types of individuals who take the train, but more specifically the green line. After taking the green line at the same time a couple of times a week you start to notice one or two of the same people, as I’m sure they notice you too. In a weird way it is almost comforting when you see these complete strangers. Who are they though?

With some careful deliberation because I didn’t want to come off as a creep and make the rest of my quarter traveling awkward, I thought about how I would approach the man I see each night as I board. When I told him I was getting my master’s in journalism at DePaul and was working on a final project the ice was broken. His name is Christopher who lives just a few towns away from Oak Park. I didn’t really go into his whole life story, but more so was curious on how long he has been taking the green line and things he’s seen and heard.

Christopher has been riding the green line for two years so far. “I transferred locations for my job so used to take the brown line every day, although I must say the green line has treated me fairly well,” Christopher said. Christopher went on to tell some amusing stories about things he’s seen people do like urinate (yup, urinate) on the train to young girls pulling each other’s hair out in a fight. It was nice to meet the other man who takes the train the same time as I do as it was hearing more ridiculous stories of the CTA.


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