So, we all have seen some crazy entertainers on the train.
Some people have been singers, rappers, or even pianist.

But a Genie…that has topped them all.

The Genie man was on the red line platform, not granting wishes, but dancing. When I asked the Genie man why he was dancing he said that God sent him there to dance for the people and he has been doing this since he was 11 years old. As I stared at him with a puzzle look on my face, I wondered what his motive was for doing this on the red line at 9pm. The Genie man insisted that he doesn’t put on an act for money that he really likes to come down on the red line and perform his Genie duties.

Check out this clip of the Genie in action. I wanted to get the whole interview of him, but the trains are very loud and you cant really hear the interview too well but I did get a clip of him doing his Genie magic in action.


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  1. People blow my mind sometimes with the stuff that they come up with ha

    -Amanda Bergmann

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