I can hardly even begin to choose one word that would best describe me, I am A LOT of things. I’m quirky, goofy, smart, loving, and full of spunk!!

I’m from Houston Texas, so I know a thing or two about southern hospitality and my family is Jamaican so you can often find me jamming out.

I am a Graduate of THE OHIO STATE University and hope to one day bring the news to people’s living rooms across america. (shoot across the globe if God willing.)

Long story short, I got into Journalism because of my love for people. Everyday we see something, hear something or experience something that can change a life and I believe it is definitely important to get those Human stories broadcast.

ClosingDoorsCHI is awesome because we get a chance to tell you what we think about this thing we call PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. Where I come from (Houston) we don’t ride the bus and we don’t have an el train, So the things we encounter on a daily to me are MIND BLOWING!!

I mean the first time I smelled urine in the subway and the first time a guy asked me to buy his candy bars or when I saw this woman sleep on the train with a MAC KEYBOARD in her hand! It’s the little things on the el or in the subway that make me so happy to be in CHICAGO!!!

So read my posts and get to know me while I get to know CHICAGO!!


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